COUHES Connect Guidance

COUHES Guidance Documents

COUHES Connect Guidance


Investigator Responsibilities for Exempt Research [PDF]

Guidelines for investigators to ensure that exempt research complies with MIT and COUHES policies.

Exempt Evaluation Guidance Document [PDF]

Guide on how to complete and use the exempt evaluation tool.

Attachment Versions - Quick Guide [PDF]

Guidance on how to manage attachments and revised documents within the protocol.

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COUHES Connect: User Guides

In collaboration with IS&T and RAS, COUHES offers a detailed learning course for COUHES Connect. Investigators are encouraged to complete the training course before embarking on a new submission or to learn more information on best practices within COUHES Connect.

COUHES Connect: View & Download Protocols

COUHES Connect: Create & Submit Protocol

COUHES Connect: Certifying and Approving Protocols

COUHES Connect: Amendments, Renewals, and Other Actions

COUHES Connect: Exempt Evaluations

COUHES Connect Guidance


PI Quick Guide to Certification [PDF]

Step by step guidance for PI’s outlining the purpose of the PI Certification and how to complete it.

Department Head Guide to Protocol Approvals [PDF] 

Guidance for Department Heads outlining the purpose of protocol approvals and how to complete them.

Submission Comments: Quick Guide [PDF]

Guidance on how to view, reply, and submit responses to COUHES comments in a protocol.

Human Subjects Training View Access [PDF]

How to look up team members' completed training in the COUHES Connect Training Maintenance tab.

Human Subjects Training Compliance Tracking [PDF]

How to use the Research Team tab in your protocol to manage human subjects training requirements for personnel charged to sponsored project funding sources.

Extending an Exempt Study [PDF] 

Guidance on how investigators can extend the End Date of an existing Exempt Evaluation.

Closing an Exempt Study [PDF]

Guidance on how investigators can close an existing Exempt Evaluation.

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Application and Reporting Forms

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Dashboard Navigation [PDF]

An overview of the COUHES Connect dashboard and how to navigate the platform.

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