When trying to edit my protocol, I get the following notification: “Protocol is locked by other user, Do you want to open in View Mode? How do I unlock the protocol?”

  • The locked function prevents multiple users from editing a protocol simultaneously. To remove the lock, navigate to your main dashboard and select the Lock icon in the upper right-hand side, near your name. Then, navigate to the correct study and click the delete icon. This will remove the lock from the protocol.
  • Please note, the protocol will be locked by a specific user so if you are not able to unlock, please contact or

Do I need to submit a restart request if my research is exempt?

  • Yes. If your research is determined to be Exempt and involves direct person-to-person contact you will be required to submit a Restart Research Request through COUHES Connect. Visit the COUHES COVID-19 Update page for more information.

Can I resubmit my current exempt research through COUHES connect?  

  • Yes! Most existing protocols will still qualify for exempt status under the Revised Common Rule but there is only one way to confirm! Visit to determine eligibility for exempt status.

What if an exempt research requires review due to an outside sponsor or collaborating institution?

  • Submit a Comprehensive Review application for expedited review or contact COUHES for further clarification.

Why is everyone on my protocol listed as a co-investigator

  • Default selection previous COUHES online management system. This does not reflect or affect your grant or how your group or lab functions.

What if the title of my documents (attachments) are incorrect?

  • These can be fixed in future updates.

How often is COUHES Connect updated?

  • Protocol data and actions entered in Kuali Coeus (KC) is refreshed every weekday morning. Protocols entered in KC today are visible in Connect tomorrow.
  • Updates from the Roles Database occurs once a day. Access to Connect assigned today by your Primary Financial Authorizer is effective tomorrow.
  • Exempt Evaluations are entered solely in COUHES Connect, but personnel data provided in search fields are refreshed daily from in KC. Personnel information is managed by MIT HR and fed to KC nightly, thus personnel updates are included in the daily refresh to Connect.

What are pending actions?

  • This includes actions that are pending you. Only exempt functions are currently working.