COVID-19 Updates

This webpage provides important information regarding human subjects research during COVID-19 disruptions. We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.

Memo regarding guidance to restart direct person-to-person human subject research (September 11, 2020)

Restarting Human Subjects Research

All approved protocols MUST submit a Restart Request through COUHES Connect if their protocol involves direct person-to-person research. To restart research, investigators must complete the following:

  1. REVIEW the COVID-19 Updates and Restart Policies.
  2. SUBMIT a request through the Restart Research Request tab within COUHES Connect following the Restart Process Instructions [PDF]. See COUHES Connect Quickcard Guide and watch the COUHES Connect Restart Training Video below for more detailed instructions. COUHES Connect will notify you if you are approved or denied.
  3. IF CHANGES ARE REQUIRED, submit an Application for Changes to an Approved Protocol

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COUHES Process Flowchart

COUHES Connect Guidance

Name Description
Restart Research Request-COUHES CONNECT Quickcard Guide Detailed description of the COUHES Connect submission process, requirements and common troubleshooting.
COUHES Connect Restart Training Video (length: 7:56m) Video demo of the COUHES Connect submission process and a detailed walkthrough of the process.


Name Description
Application to Restart Human Subjects Research

Based on your responses to the Restart Research Request in COUHES Connect, the system will indicate if this form is required with your submission.

Consent Form Addendum for Research During COVID-19 Pandemic

Prior to arrival at the study site, all subjects will complete an approved COVID-19 Consent Form Addendum 24 hours prior to arrival.

Consent Form Addendum must be incorporated into existing consent procedures. Amendment is not required.

Investigators cannot alter or change the consent form addendum process unless approved by COUHES.

Additional MIT policies may apply. See the COUHES Additional MIT Policies document.