• If you engage in human subjects research, then you are required to complete a human subjects training course (See the COUHES policy on Training of Research Personnel).

  • A recent update to COUHES Connect provides your PI with a human subjects training tracking tool that utilizes Connect protocols, sponsored awards, and MIT Personnel expenses to monitor personnel that could require training (either missing or expired). If your PI or supervisor confirms that you do require training, make sure you take the correct course:

    • Login to CITI and take a look at your completed courses in the “My Records” menu.
    • If you don’t have a completed Basic Course in Human Subjects Research, then you need to select one of the courses listed in Question 1 - for ‘new trainees’ – these are the basic level courses.  
    • Do NOT take a refresher course (question 2) – a refresher is only valid if you have a completed basic course. You’ll need a refresher when your basic course expires three years after completion.

    Read more about Human Subjects Training on the COUHES website.

  • Depending on the time of the day you completed your training, you may have to wait until the next day for the data to be updated.  

    If your training is not updated by the following day, please contact RA-Help@mit.edu for assistance. 

  • Please contact your award PI to let them know that you received this notification.  Your award PI will need to reach out to the human subjects protocol PI to remove the requirement.

  • Only the human subjects protocol PI (and the protocol Aggregators) has the ability to remove human subjects training requirements for individuals.   

    • If you are the protocol PI, you can go to the Research Team tab of your protocol and update the “Training Required” column for these individuals.  
    • If you are the PI for the award funding the protocol, you can contact the protocol PI to ask them to update the “Training Required” column in the protocol for these individuals.
  • You have 60 days from the time a relationship is established where there is a charge to an award funding a human subjects protocol. 

    During this 60-day period, you will not receive notifications to complete your training based on new charges to other awards funding human subjects protocols. 

  • No, if the training course you took is appropriate for each protocol. MIT requires all personnel engaged in human subjects research to complete training appropriate to their research and role in the study. 

    CITI offers three distinct courses that correspond to the proposed research activities and study role:

    • Biomedical Research Investigator: Applicable to investigations related to biological processes and causes of disease.
    • Social & Behavioral Research Investigator: Applicable to investigations involving psychological processes, motivations, and interactions.
    • Data or Specimens Only Research: Applicable for research involving previously collected biospecimens or data sets.

    See Training: Research Involving Human Subjects for more information.