Additional Review (China, Russia or Saudi Arabia)

Projects in, related to, or funded by a person or entity from China, Russia or Saudi Arabia are subject to additional review.

What projects will be subject to additional review?

  • Projects funded by people or entities from China (including Hong Kong), Russia, and Saudi Arabia
  • Projects which involve MIT faculty, staff, or students conducting work in these countries
  • Collaborative projects with people or entities from these countries.

How does one submit projects for review?

If you are considering a project in, related to, or funded by a person or entity from China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia, please start by following your regular process and work with the relevant department or office (e.g. Research Administration Services for sponsored research, Resource Development for gifts, etc.), and they will initiate the new review process. If your activity falls outside an established process or you are uncertain about how to proceed, please reach out to for assistance.

COUHES may review but will NOT approve your study until the review processes by the MIT Global Support Resources (GSR), the International Advisory Committee (IAC), or the Senior Risk Group(SRG) are completed. Please send COUHES the confirmation or approval letter from GSR, IAC or SRG when available.

For more information see Global Support Resources (GSR)'s page Elevated-risk Project Review Process