COUHES Connect September 2022 Updates

Beginning on September 19, 2022, COUHES is launching an updated questionnaire in COUHES Connect.  

The updates to COUHES Connect will affect protocols and amendment in various stages of the submission and review process. Protocols or amendments in an In-Progress status, Submitted to COUHES status, or other statuses pending a response from the investigator may be impacted by the changes. The various statuses and impact are described in detail below. Please review and contact COUHES if you have any questions:

COUHES Connect Status

Potential Impact

Submitted to COUHES

Protocols currently under review may require the investigator re-complete questionnaires if the protocol is later returned for revisions. Investigators can copy responses and complete any additional new questions.

Return to PI Specific Minor Revisions, Substantive Revisions Required, Deferred

If a submission is returned to the researcher after the September 19 go-live date, the investigator will need to complete the updated questionnaire. Original questionnaire responses will not be saved. To reduce burden on completing new questionnaires, COUHES will help resolve any pending revisions prior to September 19 go-live date, as appropriate

Pending Authorization

Protocols pending authorization with the Department Head may require the investigator complete the updated questionnaires, depending on the completeness of the original study.


Investigators with new submissions that have not yet been submitted to COUHES can choose to wait until after September 19 go-live date to complete the new questionnaire. Otherwise, investigator should submit the protocol for review so that responses are saved within the questionnaire. Investigators may still need to copy and complete additional questions.

Amendment: In-Progress

Investigators submitting amendments that edit the questionnaire can submit at anytime but may need to re-complete questionnaires, on the complexity and COUHES review.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Log into COUHES Connect and check the follow selections to review your pending submissions:

    COUHES Connect Tab Image 1
    • “Active Protocols” Tile
    • “Amendments/Renewals” Tile
    COUHES Connect Tab Image 2
    • “Active Protocols” Tab
    • “In Progress Protocols” Tab

    The protocol status is displayed on the left-hand column or in the top-right when viewing a protocol.

    COUHES Connect Status Image 1 - screenshot
    COUHES Connect Status Image 2 - Submitted
  • No. Submitted protocols or protocols already approved by COUHES will not lose existing responses within the questionnaire. Instead, data is saved in a legacy section of the corresponding questionnaire. Investigators required to complete the revised questionnaires can simply copy and paste relevant questions into the appropriate section.

  • Investigators amending an existing protocol with the completed questionnaires will not be required to re-complete questionnaires unless a questionnaire requires revisions. Investigator can access previously completed questionnaires to copy and paste response to the appropriate section.