Old Policy - Continuing Review

This page contains policies, procedures and forms in force prior to January 21, 2019.

All studies approved by COUHES require continuing review.

Approximately 60 days before approval expires COUHES will notify the Principal Investigator that a Continuing Review Questionnaire (CRQ) must be completed. This form must be completed and returned to the COUHES office prior to the next COUHES meeting that is scheduled to meet before your expiration date.

After the completed CRQ is received and reviewed by COUHES a renewal letter will be sent to the Principal Investigator extending the approval (usually for one year).

Within 30 days of closure of a protocol, the principle investigator must submit a Final Report Closure Form.

If the completed CRQ is not received by COUHES by the required date, the study will be automatically terminated and research grants related to the study will be suspended. No further research with human subjects can be conducted under this protocol without COUHES approval.