Request Single IRB Review

This page has been updated to reflect the New Rule effective January 21, 2019.

The term cede review refers to a reliance in which two or more institutions agree that one will be designated as the Single Reviewing Institution/IRB for the study while the other serves as the Relying Institution/IRB.

Ceding a protocol allows streamlined IRB oversight for multi-site research where two or more institutions are engaged in human subject research, meaning only one IRB will have jurisdiction and oversight over the ethical review and safety of the research. Only non-exempt studies are eligible for cede review.

If the protocol is ceded to an external IRB, the MIT investigator(s) is required to obtain all regulatory information regarding the study, including but not limited to the approved protocol and consent documents. The MIT investigator(s) will also be required to remain in compliance with the policies set by the reviewing institution. Any questions and required reporting must be done through the reviewing IRB.

Cede requests must be submitted through the SMART IRB platform. 

Investigators are encouraged to discuss any possible cedes with COUHES staff (or COUHES Smart IRB contact) before creating a request.

Follow the link for more information: SMART IRB

To start the cede process, click on get started from the SMART IRB web page.